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Why Become a Member?

WIT’s founders understood the value of working together to leverage their buying power, and the partnership they began has developed into the most cohesive buying group in the industry today.

  • Remain independent and still compete on a national level
    No one understands your market the way you do. You will join forces with 90+ other distributors nationwide who are also focused on growing their businesses in their markets.
  • Improve your bottom line
    WIT manufacturers work with our distributors to develop aggressive purchasing and marketing strategies to maximize your return on investment.
  • Increase your cash flow
    Our business model allows us to provide returns to our distributors much quicker than the industry norm.
  • Gain exclusive member-only access to manufacturers’ buying specials
    With our negotiating power, you'll have access to exclusive WIT buying specials from our manufacturers.
  • Tap additional marketing services
    WIT connects you with a variety of vendor promotions and offers exclusive sales incentive and customer loyalty programs available at a substantial savings.
  • Networking Opportunities
    According to our manufacturers, WIT hosts the most professional and productive networking meetings in the industry.

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